Understanding the insurgencies in Iraq



Those who have followed what is usually referred to as “the news” have become used to the fact that if you want real, actual information or explanations you have to look elsewhere. Calling the insurgants “enemies of freedom” doesn’t explain anything. It assumes we haven’t evolved from those kindergarten days when we believed in the tooth fairy and in the stork as the source of babies. Here is an article that explains the background of those two large religious groups in Iraq that you might have heard about.

In an article called “Give us hope, not bombs” an “Iraqi Kurd who welcomed the US war in his country sees arrogance and force crushing chances for freedom.” I guess things go horribly wrong when even the Kurds, the strongest supporters of the US in Iraq, are complaining.

You might not have seen the word “massacre” in the US mainstream news. If you’re interested in what is really happening in Iraq check out either this weblog where an activist reports from Falluja or Juan Cole’s weblog which has tons of in-depth information.