America and Europe



People always assume that something like this

“The wishes of ordinary Europeans are very similar to those of ordinary Americans. Everybody wants to pay lower taxes and to be subject to fewer regulations. But European governments do not enact their citizens? will. There is less freedom in Europe than in the United States ? and ordinary Europeans are not happy about it!”

could only be written by an American. Not so. There is no shortage of people like that in Europe as you can see in this exchange of letters.

PS: I don’t have the time or energy to point out all the facts that are actually blatantly wrong in Petr Mach’s letter (like “European governments run the major national media.’ which for most countries I know of is simply wrong - btw, it’s very ironic there’s one country where it’s wrong and true: In Italy, the Prime Minister actually owns the largest TV station…). As you can see, European right-wing ideologues are more or less on the same level as their US counterparts.