Contemporary Photorealistic Painting



I admit I am no expert as far as painting is concerned, but I’ve noted an increase in the number of painters doing photorealistic work. Given that even photo-eye got a little confused I thought I’d post some links. Note that when you look at the individual biographies, many of the painters linked to below are actually quite young.

Tim Eitel’s paintings are very photorealistic and have already generated some attention beyond his native Germany.

Lauren Hegele’s works contain an extra element of humour, and many of them are dyptichs.

Lorraine Shemesh’s subject matters are more varied. Her Painted Pools are nothing but amazing.

To use photographic comparisons, if Joel Peter Witkin did SX-70 manipulations he’d end up at what Jenny Saville is painting (note, however, that that website seems to be a tad unreliable).

It’s interesting that photorealistic painting also seems to cover areas as does photography. For example, Lars Käker (also see this page) specializes in portraits, while the works of David FeBland will probably appeal to fans of street photography or Henri Cartier-Bresson.

And while this list defeinitely is not complete in any sense of the word, space here is; so as a final entry let me point out Chuck Close (in order to get an idea of his standing see, for example, this page).

(many thanks, Lauren for sending many of the extra links!)