Gilbert and George talk about their work



Gilbert and George have been amongst my favourite artists for quite a while, and I am thrilled, of course, about the Tate Modern’s major retrospective (watch the movies on that site!). Here another nice feature where they talk about some of their art works.

You know, for people obsessed with technology, this following bit from the fourth of the Tate’s movies is actually quite interesting: “George: So, here we are in Studio 3 where we have our computers for designing the pictures and sending the panels to the printers. Gilbert: And this is the darkroom as well, because you still see the beginning larger and all the trays for washing and printing. We are so happy that we moved over even when it took us two years to research it, because nobody actually made such a big image in pictures […] the quality was not good enough at that time and even the computers were not powerful enough, so we had our computer especially made, because if not we were not able to turn one negative on the computer because the memory was not powerful enough, but now they are becoming so, and even so, we had to buyÂ… we looked into scanners, we had to scan our small images and that was a big search and we found out how to use the drum scanners that are very powerful – twelve thousand dpi – but they take half an hour to scan a what they call a thirty-five-millimetre negative. George: It’s quite interesting because for many years young people have said to us at openings of our exhibitions, ‘What computers are you using?’, they assumed that we were using computers already, but luckily we came in just at the right time, it wouldnÂ’t have been possible before.”