Documenta 12 has its first scandal



What would an art festival be without a scandal? Or, these days, “scandal”? Take Germany’s Documenta. In the spirit of the cleaning lady who removed one of Joseph Beuys’ fat corners (I never looked up whether that really happens, but it’s something that just should have happened, for the entertainment value) the street cleaners in Kassel (that’s the place where they have that art festival) removed Chilean artist Lotty Rosenfeld’s art work - strips of tape on top of traffic markings, which were supposed to make those markings look like crosses. It seems there is only this German article about it. It quotes the artist as being “personally really hurt” and a spokesperson of the city as saying “At least Mrs Rosenfeld managed to get a reaction that gave her art work the desired attention.” (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing!)