No Windows, No Heat, No Staff, No Rent. This Is a Gallery?



“Called Honey Space by its creator, the gallery has sprung up in one of the last unused (and as yet undeveloped or demolished) old warehouses in the booming, polished Chelsea art district. No rent is paid by the gallery. There is no sign. The door on 11th Avenue between 21st and 22nd Streets looks a little like a breach in the wall. The gallery will generally keep Chelsea hours, open Tuesdays through Saturdays. But most of the time there will be no one attending it.” (story)

But then also no separation barrier! And no staff to ignore you and pretend you don’t exist, even when you stand right in front of them!

PS: This past weekend, I found a gallery (I forgot the name as quickly as the amateurish art they were peddling) where even I was unable to peek over the separation barrier (I’m about 6ft4/192cm tall) - they really only need some barbed wire on top, and they’d be all set!