Natalya Reznik


Contemporary European Photography


“My mother was always dreaming of an ideal man. When we were watching movies of 60-70?s with french and italian actors (Belmondo, Delon, Mastroianni, Marais), she was always excited and often said to me ‘I always liked that kind of man’. She met my father in Sochi, it was a ‘resort’ roman, which soon ended up with a marriage. She did not know much of him, only that he was a captain and worked somewhere at North Russia. They never lived together. He usually came for a few weeks and then dissapeared. At some point my mother found out that he has another wife and a child. She could never forgive him and soon they divorced. In her albums there was almost no photo left of my father — not only she divorced with him, but also destroyed all the photos of him including those from the wedding day.” - Natalya Reznik about her project Looking for my Father